About Us

My story for starting our business is simple. I don't just love candles, I love fragrances.  I was was a fragrance lover even before realizing I could make my own.  In the year of 2018, I decided to build my own brand but I wasn't quite sure what it would or could look like.  I also didn't realize how much others loved fragrance as well...It almost felt like a culture shock situation.  However, I made it happen with the support of my family and friends who believed enough in me to purchase my first set of candles. The funny thing is, before researching and making my own candles, I had no idea of how to properly burn one.  I was buying cheap candles that put out a little scent and thought it was OK.  As I grew in this business and learned while perfecting my own, I quickly realized I didn't know what I thought I knew.  So now I love educating others about candle performance and proper candle care.  My store has grown to offer a wide variety of fragrances and I just love what I do.  I hope that you will love them too.

My candles are handpoured in small batches and I mostly use a cotton wick.  I use high quality fragrance oils from reputable candle supply companies.  My passion for homemade products pushes me to ensure every scent is loved by our customers.

 We Share Your Passion For Protecting Our Environment

Our candles are a Paraffin & Soy Blend. You get the best of both worlds which includes the easier and slow-burning of soy and a great hot throw:

- burns cleaner

- burns cooler

- non toxic ingredients

- candle product last 30% to 50% longer



Please follow all safety guidelines when burning candles in your home.  Refer to our Candle Care 101 section for more information and read all warning labels that are placed on the bottom of your candle vessel.


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